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Saturday, September 18, 2010

neckwarmer Drops 116-10

I made this neckwarmer I had been looking at for a while.
It took me 2 train rides across the country of 6 hours each. My total work time may have been near 10 hours or so, maybe a little over.

The yarn is Merino Extra Fine by Drops (not Karisma as it called for)

here is my result:

inside with strands cought every second stitch

presented by my trusty hedgehog Meckie:

Addition: I have meanwhile made 2 videos about how to knit while weaving in the yarn on the inside and I want to link them here for further reference:

By the way: This is how I look with the whole winter set I made, just in case you wondered:


clarice39 said...

Jetzt sehe ich mal das ganze Ensemble und es sieht toll aus. So richtig nach Winterurlaub.

hyperactive said...

Danke schön! Das war nur der Weihnachtsspaziergang. Aber als Set macht es schon was her, finde ich auch.